torture enema recipes

Enema. Salt Water Flush


ENEMA RECIPES, TIPS & IDEAS. There are risks associated with enemas, as with any form of BDSM play. The information on these pages is only observation from

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I have had colonics and still make use of enemas. The salt flush in my opinion is Yeah, my dad gave me the recipe wrong. I'm a wrestler and was trying to find a WAS YUKY IT WAS WORTH THE FEW MINUTES OF TORTURE OF DRINKING IT.

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Please Note: The enema recipes contained herein are recipes that are commonly However, please use caution in experimenting with new enema recipes.

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Getting Started, Age Play, Anal Play and Enema Play, Chastity, Genitorture Anal Odyssey · Douche and Enema How to · Alt Sex Enema FAQ · Enema Recipes Sound Advice The uses and abuses of sounds, Basic Cock and Ball Torture

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Enemas4Fun - A great source for enema instructions, recipes, plus a forum and pictures! The Torture Files This one's a little too extreme even for The

role in this video so he can finally test his new special enema recipe in the field! Enema Orgasm Torture ( Length : 1 hour 18 Min. / 1034 MB )

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Biz | Forum | Enemas4Fun - Enemas | Recipes and solutions ... a bag of strong nude pictures instructions. enema torture, enema play. hot soapy enema,

My favorite enema recipe, as alluded above, is the famous coffee enema; of your assignment—spot where you'll submit to my colonic torture; the location,


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